How to get a Hair Free Glamorous Body – Laser Hair Removal

Hair free body

Adding to the glamour quotient is a hair free body and this perception has been around for centuries. What has changed over time is the number of ways that this can be achieved.

Shaving has been the much preferred option for all. It’s painless and cleans the treated parts well. On the downside, cuts and nicks are a distinct possibility apart from hair growing back again. Hence it is a very temporary state and has to be resorted to frequently. Likewise for waxing which has to be carried out at periodical intervals. It has the added inconvenience of being quite painful. Threading too is of a temporary nature and creates a stinging sensation on the skin.

However, if you want a painless and effective hair removal procedure that is of a permanent nature, laser hair removal is the best option for you. It is not a onetime procedure and several sessions are required spread out over a number of months. This is because hair grows in phases in a cycle – hairs grow actively while others fall out. Still other hair strands sit on the follicle. Hence, for a total permanent cleanup, repeated treatments are required to meet the effects of different cycles.

What then are the advantages of laser hair removal and why is it in fashion now?

Precision treatment – Laser hair removal treatment is very precise and accurate. Strands of light target specifically the area under treatment without in any way affecting or damaging the surrounding skin. However, only beauty salon and spas that have top end state of the art laser hair removal equipment can offer this treatment to their clients. Since it is a complex process and has to be handled carefully, it is recommended that you seek a clinic that is certified and authorised and has trained dermatologists handling the machines.

Speed of operations – Laser hair removal is very fast and safe. Pulses of light are emitted in a fraction of a second and this can treat an area that is 1/2in by ½ in of hair. Therefore the time taken to clean say the back of the legs will take an hour at the most with the upper lip averaging about a minute. Hence you can book an appointment during the lunch hour break and get it done with. For salon owners, they can treat a large number of clients in a day hence making investments in such equipment very profitable.

Painless procedures – When compared to waxing and threading, laser hair removal is a low pain procedure. It also depends on the skin sensitivity of individual clients. In machines till about a few years back, patients used to feel a stinging sensation on the skin. Technicians used to pass cool air over the area under treatment or put cold compress there. Today, this has changed dramatically for the better. Modern state of the art permanent laser hair removal machines, made from the finest German and Japanese components offer totally painless treatments. Advanced diodes and lasers ensure that the heat passed on to patients is always within their comfort zones. This aspect has largely contributed to the huge popularity of laser hair removal today.

Permanent results – Laser hair removal does away with the need to repeatedly go for any other methods like using razors, waxing or threading. The effectiveness of treatments depends a great deal on the texture and coarseness of hair. On an average it can be said that it takes about six to eight sessions for the process to be successful.

Try laser, the latest method of hair removal that has taken the world by storm. You will surely not be disappointed.