Tips to look stunning in your engagement dress

Engagement Dress

If you are clueless about what to wear and what not to wear for your engagement day, you are not alone in this tight spot. Most women have this feeling when trying to decide on an engagement dress. Your confusion is natural given the range of dresses available in the market that will make you […]

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Beauty tips to get a Revitalized Skin

Revitalized Skin

A radiant skin and a flawless complexion is what women’s dreams are made of. It is not a modern phenomenon; it has been prevalent for centuries. Remember Cleopatra and her famous bath of donkey’s milk for a honey and peach skin texture? Not much has changed over time and large scale research is presently being […]

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Celebrity Styles and Fashion Trends in Clothing

Celebrity Style

If there is one thing in the world that is temporary in nature and subject to volatile fluctuations, it is celebrity styles and fashion trends in clothing. Summer collections from the fashion capitals of the world get outdated by fall when a new set of designs and patterns and cuts captures the imagination of the […]

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Tooth Health

Review about the teeth whitening products

If you have tried almost everything present on the market as far as the teeth whitening product like trays, tried strips and even the clinical stuff strengths which you can get in the dentist’s office. Try branded whitening product to get the moderate results and you can just try out the Max whitening teeth products […]

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How to get a Hair Free Glamorous Body – Laser Hair Removal

Hair free body

Adding to the glamour quotient is a hair free body and this perception has been around for centuries. What has changed over time is the number of ways that this can be achieved. Shaving has been the much preferred option for all. It’s painless and cleans the treated parts well. On the downside, cuts and […]

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