Diversity and Inclusion Council

At The Wet Seal, we recognize the profound impact and importance of diversity and inclusion to our people and our business. Our culture’s foundation is built upon respect for every individual. We embrace differences in all respects, knowing that our strength lies in unleashing the creativity and potential of every individual on our team.

Through the formation of our Diversity and Inclusion Council, we have established a way to integrate diversity, inclusion, and respect into all aspects of our business. Our goal is to actively engage our workforce in not only understanding—but in living—these values in our daily work. Key to our success is our ability to leverage the ideas, insights, and perspectives of our diverse workforce to help us strengthen the foundation that will sustain our business long into the future.

The Mission

The Wet Seal’s Diversity and Inclusion Council’s mission is to support the Company’s mission and its strategic objectives for diversity and inclusion by serving as an advisory board to executive leadership and as a working group on key initiatives that will weave inclusion and diversity into everything we do.

The Charter

The Diversity and Inclusion Council will play a major role in supporting the successful execution of the council’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan. Through its accomplishments in 2013 and beyond, the council will help ensure that our commitments to diversity and inclusion can be sustained as a business priority.

We will leverage insights and recommendations from the Diversity and Inclusion Council to support achieving our objectives in four key areas:

1. Communication, awareness and engagement
2. Talent diversity
3. Corporate giving and community engagement
4. Shared accountability