Our Team, Our Culture
Our Culture

Inclusion, diversity and respect are the heart of The Wet Seal. We are a people-driven fashion retailer that welcomes and values passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and all points of view.

Here at The Wet Seal, our team is as diverse as our communities – racially, ethnically and culturally. That we come together with different experiences and ways of being makes us stronger. Why? Because innovation in fashion retailing comes from new ideas and different perspectives. Because embracing each other’s differences enables us to relate to each and every person that walks through our doors. And, because respecting one another is the key to making The Wet Seal a place where we find common ground in delivering fresh fashion to our customers in a fun, inspiring way.

We are committed to building an ever-stronger, inclusive culture throughout our management team, sales staff and headquarters. That means zero tolerance for any action that does not align with our policy of inclusion, diversity and respect. A 24-hour employee hotline and our Human Resource team are dedicated to taking action on violations to our policy.

Indeed, it is our unified commitment to inclusion, diversity and respect that drives our success by supporting the people that are The Wet Seal.

Building Better Tomorrows
Wet Seal HQ

At The Wet Seal, we use the power of fashion and fun to help our customer express her individuality and fit in – while standing out. We always listen closely, keep it real, and offer her fresh fashion at a price she can afford. Our team is dedicated to innovating and re-imagining our business for our customer, every day! How could we not? We have the best customers around and we feel pretty lucky!

We Love Our Customers
Wet Seal Customers

We are obsessed with our customer! We strive to give her what she wants and try to surprise her with more than she expected. We never stop thinking about her and never take her for granted. Our relationship with our customer is very important to us; we embrace every chance we get to interact with her and show her our support. Whether it be donating gift cards to a school fundraiser or providing outfits for her local charity’s fashion show, The Wet Seal wants to make a positive impact in our customer’s life.

We Love Our Team
Wet Seal Team

We recognize that people are the lifeblood of our business. We treat each other with deep respect and value every individual. We strive to engage our workforce in not only understanding – but in living – diversity, inclusion and respect in our daily work. We continuously inspire each other to create, grow, and stretch beyond what we ever thought we could do.